February 8, 2015 – Upcoming Monarch Fire Board Election

The Leadership of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers recently met to consider the candidates for the April 7 Monarch Fire Protection District election.  We discussed and debated which candidate would be represent the interests of US, the taxpayers:

Union Candidate Miller: Pursue tax increase that was overturned in 2011 in order to raise taxes more than $1,000,000 per year

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Maintain or lower tax rate

Union Candidate Miller: Raise salaries and benefits beyond the current $130,000 average with those dollars from the tax increase

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Pay a FAIR wage and reasonable benefits more in line with what is earned by most firefighters in our State and across the nation

Union Candidate Miller: Complete the work started by the previous Union controlled Board in seeking a $33 Million Bond Issue

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Sensibly use EXISTING tax dollars to pay the capital purchases, as has been done the past two years

Union Candidate Miller: Work with current Union Director Swyers to secretly give the Union everything it wants in a new contract in which the Union dictates the terms

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Bargain in plain view so that the taxpayers can continue to see first-hand what will happen if the Union regains control of the Board of Directors

For the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers, The Choice Could Not Be More Clear:  WE PROUDLY SUPPORT ROBIN HARRIS FOR RE-ELECTION.

Email us at members@monarchconcernedtaxpayers.com

Welcome to the website of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers – a group of concerned taxpayers within the Monarch Fire Protection District who are tired of the wasteful spending by the Monarch FPD Board Directors Steve Swyers.  Swyers has strong ties to the Union and are working to give out large raises and increase the tax burden on the taxpayer.

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