Taxpayers Can See Where Their Tax Dollars Are Going On The NEW Transparency Portal On The Official Monarch Website

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In just a few short months since Taxpayer Board Member Jane Cunningham has been in office, we now can see exactly where our hard earned tax dollars are being spent.  By law, this information has been available to us, but it required specific requests, visits to the Fire District Headquarters and charges for copies.  But now, this information is presented in an easy to read format on the Monarch Transparency Portal.

For Example:

  • Find out where a WHOPPING 80.6% of our tax dollars are going (it likely won’t be a surprise)!
  • Find out which Private made $118,259.92 last year in wages alone (not including $39,232.98 in benefits)!
  • Find out which battalion chief made more (lots more) in wages and benefits last year than even the Chief of the District!
  • Find out which employee made nearly $180,000 in wages in benefits last year!
  • Find out which office clerk made over $61,000 in wages and benefits  last year!

This information is extremely valuable as we continue to watch our elected Board negotiate with the Union, which has made demands for huge increases in wages and benefits.

Email us at members@monarchconcernedtaxpayers.com

Welcome to the website of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers – a group of concerned taxpayers within the Monarch Fire Protection District who are tired of the wasteful spending by the Monarch FPD Board Directors Steve Swyers.  Swyers has strong ties to the Union and are working to give out large raises and increase the tax burden on the taxpayer.

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