October 27, 2014 – Union Bosses Attempting To Fool Monarch Voters With Survey

Taxpayers in the Monarch Fire District are currently receiving a Survey meant to look as if it is coming from the elected Board of Directors.  Look again as this survey is from the powerful firefighters Union, not the Board we elected to run the District.

The Survey appears harmless enough as it makes recipients think it is anonymous.  But beware of the unique set of numbers that identify each and every Survey and the recipient who completes it.  Also beware of the hidden message the Union Bosses are trying to convey as they trick taxpayers into thinking the elected Board of Directors is going to raise your taxes.

The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers believe the Union has once again crossed the line, but this time, they have decided to ignore the Board that we elected and take matters into their own hands.  Why you may ask…same answer now as ever before.  A tax increase translates into richer salaries and benefits.  Not satisfied with $130,000 compensation/benefit packages and 90 paid days off per year for working 2 to 3 days per week, the Union Bosses want to reach further into our pockets.

The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers appreciate our firefighters and paramedics, but we deplore the underhanded, conniving tactics their Union, which goes by the misleading name “Monarch Outreach”, continues to use to dupe taxpayers.

Email us at members@monarchconcernedtaxpayers.com

Welcome to the website of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers – a group of concerned taxpayers within the Monarch Fire Protection District who are tired of the wasteful spending by the Monarch FPD Board Directors Steve Swyers.  Swyers has strong ties to the Union and are working to give out large raises and increase the tax burden on the taxpayer.

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