Those of us who have followed the Monarch Fire Protection District Board for many years have at times complained that Board meetings are not held on a regular schedule.  The explanation given by the Board is that the meetings must be scheduled when all three Board members can attend.  We were told that Board members must show each other the respect of making sure all can attend meetings and participate in discussions and votes.  They therefore schedule meetings when ALL can attend.

It appears Board President Kim Evans has decided to forego this courtesy and is purposely calling meetings when Director Robin Harris cannot attend.  Director Harris informed the public at the November 22, 2011 meeting, of an email exchange between the Directors in which they attempted to set a meeting date in which all could attend.  Rather than set the meeting on a date and at a time in which all could attend, Evans specifically set the meeting when Harris could not possibly attend.

Monarch Concerned Taxpayers are outraged by this behavior and we are calling on the Monarch Board to provide us an explanation about why this is now occurring.  There are three Monarch Directors and we deserve to have representation at Board meeting of all of them, not just the Union supported Directors.

We are infuriated and we are exploring options to force Evans and Swyers to allow Harris full participation in the governance of the Monarch Fire Protection District.