Monarch Concerned Taxpayers founders Dick Barber and David Winchell are pleased to announce that former Monarch Fire District President Rick Gans and former Director Dr. David Terschluse have both agreed to become members of the organization. Mr. Gans served on the Board from 1998 to 2011 and Dr. Terschluse from 2001 to 2009. Many of the members of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers are aware of the important contribution both of these former elected officials made to the District and most importantly that they represented the interests of the taxpayers over the interests of the Firefighters’ Union.

In making the announcement to the membership, Dick Barber stated that he has called on Mr. Gans over the past few months to provide information about the budget process, tax rates and among other matters. “This man served us with distinction for many years and I am grateful that he was willing to take the time to help us understand some complicated issues that have arisen recently. I am ecstatic that Mr. Gans has accepted our invitation to join the group and serve as one of our spokespersons”. In accepting a position of leadership with Monarch Concerned Taxpayers, Former Director Gans said “This takes me back to my roots at the Fire District, when I was a founder of the Chesterfield Citizens for Public Safety. Now, many years later, I am back fighting some of the same battles that took place then, mainly monitoring the actions of a Board majority that has shown, in a very short time, that it is not responsive to the taxpayers”.

Mr. Barber also expressed gratitude for Dr. Terschluse’s willingness to renew his involvement in the affairs of the Monarch Fire District. “Dr. Terschluse is a busy trauma surgeon, yet he recognizes the importance of the work being done by our watchdog group and he is heeding our call for his return to join our efforts”, said Mr. Barber.