“(I) KNOW ENOUGH TO PROBABLY BE DANGEROUS”  –Kelley Miller, Monarch Open Board Meeting Minutes 11/20/2014

The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers have witnessed the Union’s never ending effort to seize control of the Monarch Fire District Board of Directors.  While we certainly never supported their hand-picked candidates Evans, Flauter, Swyers and McNary, we will admit the Union did a credible job of picking candidates.  That is up until now.

This time they have picked a candidate who just moved to the Fire District, never voted in a Fire District election and in the short time since she attended her first Board meeting has hopped from job to job.  This is the same woman who stated she may know enough to be dangerous??

What the heck will she do if she is elected?  That’s simple.  Serve as the puppet and mouthpiece for the Monarch Union Bosses to raise their pay, increase their benefits and raise our taxes.

Give us a break!  This one is laughable.  That is why the choice this time is easier than ever before and why we support Robin Harris for the Monarch Board.