Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich has announced that ON FEBRUARY 15 AT 6:00 P.M. he will release the results of the audit of the Monarch Fire Protection District that was performed at the request of Union Board Member Kim Evans.

Taxpayers will recall that Evans requested this audit in an obvious effort to influence the outcome of the April, 2011 election for the Monarch Board of Directors.  An article which appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on February 25, 2011 details Evans allegations and the political climate which existed at the time.  The Post Dispatch article can be viewed by clicking here.

Monarch Concerned Taxpayers are outraged that Evans’ politically motivated appeal to the State Auditor resulted in an expensive audit of the District but we look forward to learning of the results of allegations of fraud and wasteful spending of hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees to recover District documents the Union improperly retained. 

Monarch Concerned Taxpayers intend to ask the Office of the State Auditor and the Monarch Fire Protection District for an accounting of tax dollars that were expended to perform this audit.  If the audit does not result in findings in accordance with Evans allegations, we intend to hold Evans accountable for once again wasting taxpayers’ dollars to further the cause of the entity Evans represents…the Firefighters’ Union.