When Tom Vineyard takes command of the Monarch Fire Protection District, in a move anticipated to occur at any time, he will have more than the usual adjustments to make which one encounters when starting a new job.  He will find all of the offices down the hall are occupied by Union leaders and supporters who have experience in their new jobs ranging from a few days to a few weeks.  This is because Union controlled Directors Kim Evans and Steve Swyers voted to fire the experienced chief officers who formerly occupied those offices because they failed to pledge their allegiance to the Union.

While it remains to be seen how he will handle this pressure, there is no question that he has a history of questionable command experience.  In 2009 Vineyard was one of several scene commanders named in a lawsuit by a fire fighter who contended that there was mismanagement of a fire scene and the command staff lost control of the fire scene in which she was severely burned.  The entire story can be viewed at http://www.firefighterclosecalls.com/news/fullstory/newsid/83651.