Monarch Concerned Taxpayers reported yesterday that Union controlled Monarch Board members Kim Evans and Steve Swyers would announce that the unwarranted and unjustified firings of most of the Fire District’s chief officers was due to an old lawsuit.  As expected, that is precisely what they did.

Evans and Swyers singled out these hard-working professionals, who gave their life’s’ work to the Monarch Fire District.  Evans and Swyers totally ignored others who were mentioned during the trial last year, because they are loyal members of the Union which helped get Evans and Swyers elected.

Board member Robin Harris expressed indignation at the fact that the attorney for the District, as well as the other two Board members did not even review the facts in the case before making their decision.  But that is no surprise because the lawsuit is not the real reason for the firings.  As we previously stated, the firings were ordered by the Union because these four men, who proved they were responsive to the taxpayers instead of the Union, stood up to Union leadership.

Is this the same Steve Swyers who repeatedly claimed not to be the Union candidate when he ran for office?  That question was shouted out at the conclusion of the meeting and it remains fresh on our minds as we witness action after action in which Swyers affirms his allegiance to the Union.

If Evans was so hell-bent on taking action to end discrimination at the District, they why did she wait over a year to bring this up or take action?  Why did she fail to ever mention this in a Board meeting prior to just going ahead and firing four loyal employees.  Ready, Fire, Aim?