A hastily called meeting of the Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors has been set by Union-controlled Board President Kim Evans for Tuesday evening, November 22 at 7:30 p.m. at District Headquarters at 13725 Olive in Chesterfield.  The building is west of 141/Woods Mill Road and across from Brunswick Four Seasons Bowling Alley.

Evans and Swyers are expected to discuss the reasons that they fired four longtime chief officers of the District in a stunning move last Saturday morning.  In a preliminary statement released to the press by Evans, blame is being placed on a discrimination lawsuit that is several years old.  The final ruling handed down recently by an appeals court confirmed that half of the four plaintiffs’ claims were baseless, and the other two received confirmation of an award of approximately 5% of the amount for which they hoped to get, including punitive damages.  The lawsuit did not name any of the recently fired employees, which makes Evans’ claim that this action had to be taken, a complete farce. 

Monarch Concerned Taxpayers are not fooled by Evans’ and Swyers’ effort to trick the public into believing the motive was anything other than what it truly was…an order from the Union leadership to remove the remaining roadblocks to complete control of the District’s finances and operations. 

The public should attend this meeting to observe this charade, but also plan to attend the next meeting in which the public will be allowed to comment.  That meeting will be held on December 8 at 7:00 p.m.