The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers bid farewell to Union Board Member Steve Swyers.  In a move that doesn’t surprise us at all, Swyers took a swipe at the Board Members elected to represent the taxpayers.  Since it was clear within weeks of taking office that Swyers was on the Board to represent the Union, at the expense of the taxpayers, this is a HUGE victory for the residents and businesses who pay the taxes that fund the Monarch Fire District.

The thought of another two years of watching Directors Harris and Cunningham represent the interest of the taxpayers was more than even an accomplished businessman like Swyers could bear.  The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers say “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

We look forward to learning who the Board will appoint to fill the balance of Swyers unexpired term.  We have no doubt it will be another like-minded individual who will represent the taxpayers.  We are also still hopeful that the Union rank and file will finally send the message to their leadership that the continued lawsuits, fights and acrimony has to end for the benefit of all concerned.