The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers Congratulate Robin Harris On His Re-election

We were hopeful voters would not fall for the Union’s lies and scare tactics and instead retain the taxpayers’ seat on the Board of Directors.  Well the response was overwhelming and as far as we know the greatest margin of victory in the history of the Monarch District.  Mr. Harris has worked diligently on behalf of the taxpayers and we are fortunate to have him represent us.

So what happens next?  After ten years of acrimony, head butting, wasted time and wasted money will the rank and file Union members demand the Union Bosses step aside so that the District Board and the Union can begin to work together, or will it be business as usual?  There are three elected Directors (two represent us Taxpayers and one the Union) and they are not going anywhere.  But out of more than 100 Monarch Union members we would think there are those among them who would tell the Union Bosses to step aside and let them try to build a relationship with the Board.

The way we see it, the money the Union Bosses cost their own members with frivolous legal and administrative actions could have been going into both raises and reduced taxes.  This will only change when the rank and file say they have had enough.