The Leadership of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers recently met to consider the candidates for the April 7 Monarch Fire Protection District election.  We discussed and debated which candidate would be represent the interests of US, the taxpayers:

Union Candidate Miller: Pursue tax increase that was overturned in 2011 in order to raise taxes more than $1,000,000 per year

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Maintain or lower tax rate

Union Candidate Miller: Raise salaries and benefits beyond the current $130,000 average with those dollars from the tax increase

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Pay a FAIR wage and reasonable benefits more in line with what is earned by most firefighters in our State and across the nation

Union Candidate Miller: Complete the work started by the previous Union controlled Board in seeking a $33 Million Bond Issue

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Sensibly use EXISTING tax dollars to pay the capital purchases, as has been done the past two years

Union Candidate Miller: Work with current Union Director Swyers to secretly give the Union everything it wants in a new contract in which the Union dictates the terms

Taxpayer Candidate Harris: Bargain in plain view so that the taxpayers can continue to see first-hand what will happen if the Union regains control of the Board of Directors

For the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers, The Choice Could Not Be More Clear:  WE PROUDLY SUPPORT ROBIN HARRIS FOR RE-ELECTION.