Just Ask the Monarch Firefighters For Public Awareness (otherwise known as the Union).  Thus far they have contributed that much cash to their handpicked candidate for the Board, Kelley Miller.

The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers snuck a peek at the Union Bosses Shopping List.  Following is what we found that $50,000 might buy these days:

  • A brand new $1M tax increases that we, the taxpayers will contribute to big wage and benefit increases for union members (we think the current $136,000 average is enough for working 2 to 3 days a week).
  • A brand new $33M bond issue that will allow the Union Bosses to dictate to Board members under their control to give ALL, rather than most of the operating budget to them in the form of, you guessed it, big wage and benefit increases.
  • MORE paid days off, since three months a year for veteran firefighters is just not enough.
  • More taxpayer paid parties like the one Swyers and Evans threw in 2011.