1. The weekly paychecks of the nearly destitute Monarch Union members (six figure wages for most of them, how do they survive?).
2. The BLOATED retirement accounts of the mistreated Monarch Union members (five figure annual contributions by taxpayers with nothing required of the Union members, how will they ever retire?).
3. The nearly three months of annual paid vacations, sick pay and other “freebies” given to most of the Monarch Union members (how many of us can stop working each October and be paid through the end of the year?).
4. The work schedule enjoyed by Monarch Union members by which they only work 2-3 days a week and while it is a 24 hour shift, it includes no scheduled work after 12:00 p.m., except for emergency calls (who would like to be paid an average of nearly $30 per hour to sleep?).

1. The scrap yard of fire trucks and ambulances the Monarch Union claims it is forced to use in order to put out fires and attend to medical emergencies (The Union Bosses claim they don’t have resources and equipment).
2. The lawsuits initiated by the Monarch Union Bosses that lead to annual expenses to taxpayers of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
3. All of the burned down houses in Monarch that resulted from the Board not providing safety for the residents of the Fire District (after all Monarch residents are not getting fire protection).
4. All of the deceased Monarch residents who died as a result of the Board not providing safety for the residents of the Fire District.
5. All of the negative budgets passed by the Monarch Board that resulted in borrowing from banks, payday loan offices and residents in order to make ends meet (how does the Fire District even manage to stay open if things are this bad).
6. Pictures of all of the Monarch Union members who were so fed up that they quit and went somewhere better (a blank page will do).