The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers is a watchdog organization, made up of ordinary citizens and business owners of the Monarch Fire Protection District.  The group was formed in order to closely monitor the debates, discussions and decisions made by the Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors.


Several taxpayers founded the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers following his term on the Board-appointed Budget Advisory Committee.  They observed an immediate change in both fiscal and operational decisions following the election of Union-backed Director Steve Swyers in April 2011, who joined Union-backed Director Kim Evans to form the new Board majority.


The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers has quickly grown to include civic leaders, elected officials, property owners and hundreds of residents and business taxpayers from the Monarch Fire Protection District.  Members attend Board meetings to monitor the activity of the Board and speak out on issues which the organization believes may not be decided in the best interests of taxpayers.


The Monarch Concerned Taxpayers recognize that our fire fighters and paramedics have important and occasionally dangerous jobs for which they are well compensated.  Nonetheless the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers firmly believe the Public Employees Union, Local 2665, which represents each and every Monarch fire fighter and paramedic, has no place in policy and budget decision making.  The current majority of the Monarch Fire Protection District Board of Directors was hand-picked by the Union and elected with significant financial and election campaign support in order to assure the Union agenda is implemented in policy and budget decision making.


The Mission of the Monarch Concerned Taxpayers is to publicize these decisions and direct the public’s attention any and all questionable use of taxpayer dollars, especially as they pertain to the benefit of the Public Employee Union that represents all Monarch fire fighters and paramedics.